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How to change the way you design your cleanroom production area

A small footprint thermoforming machine, which can be easily integrated with robot loading, is an ideal SPF solution for medical device manufacturers. Taking up an average of 70% less floor space than conventional thermoforming equipment, the Shawpak machine is an easy fit at the end of assembly and production lines - allowing you to directly package products without double handling or storage, and therefore reducing product movement around the facility, and decreasing WIP/stock. The ability to directly pack the product with the SPF process offers advantages such as production efficiencies being gained by removing the need for tool changes, and reduced double handling on medical devices.

Robotically loading the machine with high repeat accuracy and high speed is advantageous in the medical sector, as many robots are available for use in cleanrooms. Having a reduced loading area allows the Shawpak machine to keep pace with the assembly lines, whilst making the automated loading simple with most applications utilising a four axis SCARA robot.

The innovative Shawpak machine brings not only an increase in efficiency, but also future proofs your production plans. The machine is designed to accept multiple tool and pack sizes, and all machines are designed to form both rigid and flexible blisters as standard. The Shawpak thermoforming machine is very versatile and made to each customers bespoke application.

On all flexible blister packs there’s zero trim or waste, and on all rigid diecut packs there is very minimal waste - reducing the overall material used. The unique design allows materials to be run at almost any web width up to the maximum machine size, giving you the freedom to design the packaging around your specific product. The pack dictates the tooling size, not vice versa.

In summary, the Shawpak machine changes the way production lines are designed in cleanrooms. Directly packaging products from the assembly lines through the SPF process is a game changer for the medical device industry, and Shawpak are at the leading edge in supporting businesses to achieve this.

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