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New development by ITP - Shrinkable film for bundles in view of circular economy

The successes in the circular economy strategy continue for ITP offering a solution for multi-pack bundles. The new RecyTermoPCR is a 100% recyclable heat-shrinking film containing up to 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR).


The ITP strategy, started in the Eighties for the development of increasingly sustainable packaging solutions, has been enriched with a new product for the beverage market. The new heat-shrink film provides a completely circular solution to meet the environmental and legislative requirements of the future.


Suitable for all secondary applications, including beverage, personal care and home hygiene, RecyTermoPCR has the high resistance and mechanical characteristics necessary for a correct shrinking. The presence of up to 50% PCR, together with the content of pre-consumer material provided by the ITP production process (industrial waste), provides a recycled and recyclable solution.


In the printable version, this heat-shrink polyethylene film makes it possible to get an excellent quality result even with photographic representations.

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