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03/12/2019 - Coveris develops fully recyclable shrink film solution
03/12/2019 - ? Cifras finales de Andina Pack 2019 - MundoPlast
29/11/2019 - Aimplas leads project to improve PA recycling from multilayer packaging
27/11/2019 - Davis-Standard’s global equipment platform at Plast Eurasia
26/11/2019 - Sustainability key to economic viability of packaging companies, says report
25/11/2019 - A totally tubular concept in medical implant packaging
25/11/2019 - SP Group logra un rPet 100% post-consumo del cual más del 50% es bandeja
22/11/2019 - Coca-Cola to roll-out paperboard packaging for multipack cans in 2020
21/11/2019 - El enfoque del consumidor en la conveniencia y la sostenibilidad no sólo está ejerciendo presión sobre los fabricantes de envases, sino también sobre los minoristas que almacenan el productoEn busca del envase sostenible
19/11/2019 - Klöckner Pentaplast: The next sustainable food-to-go packaging range
18/11/2019 - Klöckner Pentaplast launches recyclable food-to-go packaging range
12/11/2019 - First Mile launches wine corks and long-life carton recycling service
11/11/2019 - Heineken UK to replace can plastic rings with cardboard topper
11/11/2019 - Holistic line competence from Krones, a closed cycle
06/11/2019 - Hi Cone sustituye sus anillas de plástico para unir packs de bebidas por RingCycles, un tipo de plástico más sostenible
05/11/2019 - New report reveals progress in store to help cut household food waste, but more to be done
01/11/2019 - Pick & Pack, packaging y digitalización y sostenibilidad
30/10/2019 - SIG launches new shaped carton pack combistyle
30/10/2019 - Eastman ganó premio Luxe Pack in Green 2019
29/10/2019 - Eastman gana premio Luxe Pack in Green 2019
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