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Mondi creates reclosable package for Orkla Group’s meat range

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Mondi has designed a new, reclosable meat package for Norway’s Orkla Group to help the company in enhancing consumer convenience and reducing food waste.

The package will appear on Orkla’s Vossafår sliced cured meat.

Orkla is engaged in supplying consumer goods to the grocery, out-of-home, specialised retail, pharmacy and bakery sectors.

The company intended to change the Vossafår package’s bottom web, which is flexible and as a result makes it difficult for consumers to align the top film with the bottom web for reclosing.

Hence, the company approached Mondi to either modify or replace the original flexible structure for the pack.

Mondi developed a special, multilayer barrier film for the top web and worked on managing the logistics process efficiently.

Mondi Nordic consumer goods packaging regional sales manager Pål Wikstrøm said: “It took more than two years of research, development and testing, but the two partners have succeeded in finding a functional solution.“This new package has been fully commercialised and the product is already attracting attention on supermarket shelves.”

“This new package has been fully commercialised and the product is already attracting attention on supermarket shelves.”

The solution created by Mondi allows users to peel the package from the bottom and take the portion they want.

The pack can then be resealed by simply pressing down on the label.

Mondi developed the packaging at Mondi Styria, a film-extruding plant in Austria.

The top web has been designed using a multilayer laminating film that offers temperature stability and barrier properties.

Orkla noted that the implementation of the solution does not need any major new investments.

» Publication Date: 26/09/2018

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