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Pope Slammed for Prioritizing Plastic Over Pederasty

Plastics a major focus at UK’s most exclusive packaging showPlastics a major focus at UK’s most exclusive packaging show

UK — The biggest topic in UK packaging - plastics - is set to take centre stage at Packaging Innovations, Luxury Packaging and ADF London 2018, when it returns to Olympia London later this month (12–13 September). The 2018 edition of the show will...

UK — The biggest topic in UK packaging – plastics – is set to take centre stage at Packaging Innovations, Luxury Packaging and ADF London 2018, when it returns to Olympia London later this month (12–13 September).

The 2018 edition of the show will host the UK’s first ever plastic-free aisle, which visitors will be able to explore throughout the exclusive two-day event. The initiative has been developed in partnership with A Plastic Planet, who also helped Dutch supermarket Ekoplaza deliver the same concept in Amsterdam earlier this year, capturing the attention of the world’s media.

As Britain’s first plastic-free aisle, the display will showcase some of the very latest and most cutting-edge plastic-free packaging solutions. Plus, A Plastic Planet will also be introducing the ‘Plastic Free Consumer Trust Mark’; the new front of pack symbol that indicates to consumers that packaging is plastic free.

James Drake-Brockman, Divisional Director of Easyfairs’ Packaging Portfolio, comments: “We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of all the issues and challenges currently facing the packaging industry, and we are extremely excited to debut the UK’s first plastic-free aisle. The topic of sustainability is more prolific than ever, with the packaging industry increasingly under pressure to address the issue of plastics in packaging. Our role as an event is to provide packaging buyers with the information they need to make a well-informed decision that is right for their business. Part of that is showcasing what innovative alternatives to plastic are out there, which we are able to do through our partnership with A Plastic Planet.”

Also addressing the sustainability agenda, will be the launch of The Big Plastics Debate 2.0, which brings experts from the entire packaging supply chain together to tackle the issue of plastic waste in packaging. Run in association with The Foodservice Packaging Association and On Pack Recycling Label (OPRL), the debate unites some of the biggest players in the industry.
For further information about The Big Plastics Debate or the show, please visit the Packaging Innovation or Luxury Packaging London websites

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Plastics in Packaging a major focus at Packaging Innovations & Luxury Packaging 2018

Packaging Innovation

Luxury Packaging London

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